To Zoie From Sarah Catnip Christmas


Well Sarah learned her lesson.  You can’t put a catnip cat gift under the tree before Christmas. Zoie found it within an hour or so. I came in from snow-blowing and my husband said she got into her gift. I guess he liked it.  Sarah should have known better because that cat has eaten every ribbon, bow and ornament near that tree since we brought her home 7 years ago.

This year my husband set out to make a cat proof tree.  I thought he was going to hang it upside-down from the ceiling but he had a better idea.  He bought all new ornaments and garlands.  The ornaments are unbreakable and the garlands are plastic beads.  Nothing on the tree has any sentimental value so we won’t be crushed if she destroys it.

It seems to be working, we have only found a few ornaments on the floor this year. Now we just need to remember not to wrap with ribbons and bows. Oh and not to place catnip under the tree.

We place the opened catnip gift in my son’s room with the door closed and the cat knows it’s in there.  She spends a lot of time laying outside his door.

Only two more days Zoie and you get your gift.

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