Todays Walgreens Deals 1-5-09

Just a quick update on my shopping trip today.   My daughter is still home from college so she came with and good thing too I was able to get two free bottles of Garnier Fructis.  When the clerk saw me with 6 bottles she came over and said the manager said only one per person because it’s such a good deal.  Guess that’s why they had so many on the shelf on day two of the sale. Sarah was with so I was able to buy two.

As stated on my last post the Garnier were on sale for 2.99 less easysaver coupon -2.00 and my coupon -1.00 so I made a penny on each one and I got 2.

Electrasol sale price 3.49 Easysaver catalog rebate -1.50 my coupon -2.50 I made .51 cents

soft soap sale price .99 less my coupon -.35  they cost .64 cents each and I got 6

Slimfast products were on sale 3/18.00 Register Rewards of -3.00 and coupons -1.40, -1.40, -1.25 So all thee for 10.95

 also used a special coupon on page 12 of the flyer for 1.00 off  several

Irish Spring body wash 3.99 -1.00 for 2.99 each I got 2

Palmolive 1.79 -1.00 my coupon -.25 or .54 cents each and I got 4

Colgate total toothpaste 3.99 -1.00 my coupon -1.00 1.99 ea and I got 2

These two rang up wrong and I didn’t notice till I got home so I’m going back for more deals.

1. BioInfusion should be buy one 7.99 get one Free less 2 easysaver coupons -2.00 so that would be two for 3.99

2. Sally Hansen nail items were also Buy one get one Free I paid 6.49 and 6.99 less 2/-1.00 coupons so it should be both for 4.99

Great deals this week.  I hope your store doesn’t put a limit on the shampoo like mine did.

Post your great deals as a comment.

Happy Savings at Walgreens


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