Twitter Power The Newest Book By Joel Comm

              Thank You For Being A Friend

OK, my husband says you are not “real friends” unless I have met you in “real life.”  I disagree with him because there are a lot of people that I have met in “real life” that I would not like to call my friends. Just because someone lives far from me and I will never meet them should have no bearing on whether they can be my friend or not.

I have been on a Twitter kick lately and spending little chunks of time reading and posting there. In many ways I think of my “virtual friends” as being even closer to me in many ways than my “real life friends.”   I don’t happen to personally know anyone with many of my same interests.  Most of my friends only use their computers to email, do research and forward Internet jokes. The only people I know that have interests in blogging, web sites and Internet marketing are my virtual friends.  Online I can ask a question and within minutes get several answers. The Internet is open 24/7 and with people from all over the world there is always someone out there to connect with. It’s easier to say NO online by just not volunteering help if you don’t have the time.  It’s also less rude to cut someone off online if you have to run and do something.

If your reading this post and have no idea what Twitter is my friend Joel Comm has just written a book Twitter Power that will teach you all you need to know to start a life on Twitter.  You can get the book on Amazon below.

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