Update on Time Saving, Money Saving, Goldmine In The Kitchen

Here’s an update on my

Time Saving, Money Saving, Goldmine In The Kitchen Post from Feb 6th

A quick recap my husband said I shouldn’t go food shopping till we clear out what we already have. I agreed and thought it would be a great opportunity to save time, money and gas by Not going food shopping.

So far so good.  I have purchased milk, bread and some cheese etc.  I also needed to pick up a few items my son could eat after having spacers placed on this teeth for braces. I bought soft foods like apple sauce, pudding and drinkable yogurts for him.  Next my husband had a colonoscopy planned so that led me to purchase clear liquid items like jello, Gatorade and chicken broth. All are now doing well and beack to a normal diet.

 As you can see from the pictures our food supply is still pretty good.  While digging around to see what we have on hand I have found several items past their expiration date so into they trash they go. 

My Spring Cleaning will start in the kitchen.  I plan to get to one cabinet or drawer each day.

Important things to remember while saving money

  •   always buy on sale in season and use a coupon to stock up
  • Only buy what you can use before it expires
  • deals too good to pass up can be given away or donated to food pantry
  • rotate stock on your shelves, oldest up front
  • eat less to save time, money and calories

No strange meals to report yet.  Looks like we will have plenty to get us through February.  I’ll keep you all posted on how the Spring Cleaning of the kitchen is going.

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