Walgreens $5.00 Off $20.00 Purchase 26th & 27th


Walgreens is doing it again this weekend with a $5.00 off a $20.00 purchase. 

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                   BONUS Double Dipping


So what’s double dipping?  Double dipping days are the days that the Walgreens Easy Saver monthly catalogs overlap.  This month it will be Sept. 26th and 27th

Here are a bunch of the great deals found listed on   The Freebie Blogger – http://thefreebieblogger.com Thanks for doing all the work.  If you want to see even more go here

Garnier Fructis
combine this: Buy $20 worth of hair care products and get a 10 ESR (Sept.)
with this:$3 off coupons for Garnier shampoo or conditioner 25.4 oz. or deep conditioner 10.2 oz. (Oct.)
and then: $2 off family size shampoo or conditioner 5/4 RP, $1 off 8/24, 9/14, 6/22, 5/4 RP and 7/20 SS

Glade or Oust Scented Oil Candles with holder
combine this: $2 rebate, limit 4 (Oct.)
with this: $2 off coupon (Sept.)
and then: $2 off 9/14 SS, $2 off 8/24 SS, $2 off 7/20 SS

Glade Fabric Refresher
combine this: $1 rebate (Oct.)
with this: $1 off coupon (Sept.)
and then: $1.50 off 8/24 SS, $1 off August All You, $1 printable

Hershey Harvest Bagged Candy 8-9.2 oz.
combine this: $4 rebate WYB 4 bags, limit 1 (Oct.)
with this: $1 off 2 coupon (Sept.)

M&M’s Bagged Candy 11-14 oz.
combine this: $5 rebate WYB 4 bags (Sept.)
with this: $1/2 (Oct.)

Nestle Miniatures 10.23-12.5 oz.
combine this: $4 rebate on 4 bags, limit 1 (Oct.)
with this: $1 off 2 coupon (Sept.)
and then: $1/2 printable, $1 printable (will not print in Explorer)

Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner 13.5 oz.
combine this: Free after rebate up to $4.29, limit 1 (Sept.)
with this: $2.50 off coupon (Oct.)
and then: $1 printable, $2 off 8/3 SS, $1.50 off 9/7 SS



You can view the October Easy Saver HERE

Remember to submit your September Easy Saver form, it needs to be postmarked by October 4th.  Why not just do it online and save yourself a stamp and get paid back faster. 

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