Walgreens Deals 6-8 thru 6-14

Last week I was so busy that I never made it over to Walgreens to shop the deals but I’ll be sure to get there this week.  It use to be true that the stores would not put products on sale that had coupons in the Sunday paper till the coupons had been out for a few weeks.  That way some customers would hurry in and use the coupon right away on the full price products. More profits for the stores.  Remember I told you to always use your coupons on SALE items for the best deal. 

Well, I just noticed that this week Walgreens has a bunch of items on sale that also have manufacturer coupons in this weeks Sunday paper. Check them out.

Ban deodorant Walgreens coupon 1.49

Sunday paper coupons one is .75 and one is .40 off

Kotex products Walgreens 2/$9

Sunday paper coupons 3 different one each $1.00 off

Dove products Walgreens sale with register rewards

Sunday paper coupons 3 that will work @ 1.00 and 1 for 1.50 off

Jergens Walgreens 5.99 and 6.99

Sunday paper coupons 1.00 off

Ziploc bags Walgreens 2/$5

Sunday paper coupons 3 coupons .55, 1.00, 1.50

Nutra Joint Walgreens BOGO FREE

Sunday paper coupon 3.00 off

Nivea for men Walgreens 2/5.00 after register rewards

Sunday paper coupon 1.00 off

Titanium razor Walgreens 4.99

Sunday paper coupon 2.00 off

Brut Walgreens 50% off

Sunday paper coupon .75 and .50 off

Zero drink Walgreens 3/3.00

Sunday paper coupon .75 off

NIce and Easy Walgreens 2/10 with register rewards

Sunday paper coupons 2.00 off

Did you get your Sunday paper or papers yet?  Happy Savings this week.


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