Walgreens Double Dipping Deals This Week Nov. 21st and 22nd

It’s Double Dipping time again at Walgreens.  This Friday Nov. 21st and Saturday Nov. 22nd you can use coupons and rebates from both the November and December Easy Saver Rebate Booklets at Walgreens.  The November Easy Saver booklet is good till Nov. 22nd and the Dec. booklet starts Nov. 21st. To get an early preview of the December Easy Saver Booklet click HERE Dec. Easy Saver

All November rebates must be Postmark/submit by Saturday, Nov. 29, 2008. I do mine online and get the money added to my card in a few days. No postage, a quicker turn around and it’s quick and easy to do.

The December Easy Saver only has One Free item and it’s a product By Bald Guyz.  Guess I’ll be listing that on eBay.


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