Walgreens June Easy Saver Catalog

Here’s the link to view the entire catalog online.  http://tinyurl.com/5q5ut5

The June Easy Saver Catalog is in your Walgreens Now. I always grab two, one is in my purse and the other I keep at home where I do my couponing and rebates.  I just got my April rebate gift card in the mail and it came to $24.86 That will get rolled over into more savings in June. ~~FREEBIE ALERT~~For the first week of June in the sales flyer you can get FREE after rebate Theragram-M vitamins, Ecotrin Aspirin, Walgreens Calcium Creamies and a Walgreens Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge. You can get all four free offers this month.

So each month I get my Easy Savings Catalog and bring it home.  I wait for the first flyer of the month to come out on Sunday then I circle the offers I want to do.  Your best deals are buying when the product is on sale and using a Walgreens coupon and a manufacturers coupon on the same product. Remember to look at the rebates in the catalog for even more savings. Yes, Walgreens will let you do this.  It does takes a lot of organizing to keep it all straight.  The catalog and the weekly flyer’s all have store coupons in them.  You don’t need to cut them all out just show them when you check out and they will scan the bar codes for your savings.  Most of their coupons do have limits printed on them but ask because my store will let me purchase more of most items.  Just don’t clean them out of all their stock. Timing is everything, your best savings come when you purchase the product when it’s on sale and stock up not waiting to  purchase when you run out of the product.

***Register receipts must be dated between May 30th and June 26 and you must have your rebate form postmarked no later than July 5th. Why not save the stamp and file for your rebates online.  It’s a new way to file and it will save you even more!***

That’s enough to get you started.  Stay tuned for more great Walgreens savings ideas.  I wish you all great deals this week.  Natalie Becker

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