Walgreens June Rebate Online Forms


 Last night I filled out my June Rebate form online.  It was super easy.  You first need to register and choose a password.  After you log in you check which rebates you took advantage of that month then just type in the register reciepts  numbers with the products you purchased for the rebates.  I waited till the end of the month and did them all but you could keep adding reciepts all month long till the deadline. The next day at 3:00 pm I got an email that it has been proccessed and the total was 28.59.  I got the extra 10% because I chose to have the rebate total put onto my Walgreens gift card from last month.  It’s super easy and it saved me an envelope and a stamp.  More savings there!

 So from now on I’ll be doing my Walgreens monthly rebate online!

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.  After church we went out to eat with friends.  Jim and I shopped and bought a new front loading clothes washer and now we are going for a bike ride.  Hope the rain hold off.


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