Walgreens May Easy Saver Catalog Information


I told you that there are some changes in the May Easy Saver Catalog.  Here is the link to the online catalog if you don’t have yours yet. http://walgreens.hs.llnwd.net/e1/rebate/RebatePeriod106.pdf  Now flip to page 18. That’s the yellow page in the center of the book where you list your earnings.  This month they have listed 1’s for quanties in nearly every deal. That will really limit the total savings you will be able to get in May.  I don’t know if this will be a new trend or if it has happened before since I just started shopping there. I have also heard that from now on everyone will be able to fill out their Easy Saver rebates online.  That will save a stamp.  FYI postage goes up another penny on May 12th. SAVINGS ALERT… Stock up on the Forever Stamps NOW and save 1 cent on every letter you mail.  I’ll be busy filling our my April Easy saver form and getting it in the mail by May 3rd.  I’ll update will the total I saved.  Happy Savings everyone.

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