Walgreens Money Saving Coupon Book By Mail

Just another good reason to shop at Walgreens.  In the mail yesterday Walgreens sent me two coupon books each worth over $45.00 for being a valued Walgreens customer. They said thank you and to pass one book onto a friend.  It’s filled with coupons for Kimberly-Clark’s products redeemable at Walgreens.  They covered it all from diapers to pull ups, Kotex to Depends. None of which I can use but then there’s Kleenex and toilet paper too. That will take care of both ends.

Since I don’t know anyone right now needing diapers or depends, I like to play the Coupon Fairy and leave my un-needed coupons on the store shelves near the products. No, I don’t wear wings and carry my pixie dust wand, I try to be discrete because I don’t know if the stores like you to do that or not. Call me selfish but, It makes me feel good to know that I’m helping others to save a few pennies too. Remember in the letter Walgreens told me to pass one to a friend:)

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