Walgreens Register Rewards Do’s and Don’ts


This weeks flyer had such GREAT deals at Walgreen’s that I had to make one last run today. I wanted to get another $20.00 register rewards for purchasing 9 P&G items and I did. By now my flyer was showing wear and tear but I think I now have a system figured out. Each of my past visits have ended with a manager being called over to help remedy a problem with my transaction.  So today I felt confident that I would sail through with no problems. 

All started out great I got my 9 products, used coupons and my register rewards for two $10.00 off and a $2.00 off Old Spice Body Wash printed out fine.  My next purchase I was planning to use those register rewards from my last trip.  Well I had everything sorted with coupons and it all rang up fine but when I handed her a batch of register rewards to pay for my items it would only accept ONE!  She said she would call the manager.  I not wanting to once again bother the manager started reading the coupons fine print.  Sure enough you can only use ONE per order.  Remember the 20.00 one is printed in two coupons $10 each.  Walgreen’s wants you to come back often and you know I have been.  So not wanting to cause too much trouble I only used one reward and left.

The clerk said next time to divide my order into several smaller orders and I can use all of them on one visit.  So another lesson learned.  It gets very confusing and takes many organizing skills and time to plan a Walgreen’s shopping trip. I’m sure it will get easier with practice.  Luckily I don’t have to bring three young children, needing a nap, shopping with me.  Been there done that!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Walgreen’s Register Rewards

Read the offer in the flyer several times to get all the details correctly at home before you shop.

Look at your coupons at home for the same products because you can stack a store and manufacturer coupon for a single item.

Check the front of the monthly Easy Saver Catalog for coupons also.  I always get at least two of the catalogs to work with each month. One is in my purse and the other at home with my rebate register receipts from that month attached.

Keep the coupons for that deal all together.

Go shopping. Select all the right size products and place them in the seat of the cart away from your other items

Only one deal can be done at one visit.

The store can limit quantities. That’s what they told me at my store.

When a coupon says limit one item per coupon they will usually let you buy several with that store coupon and no need to tear them out of the catalog or flyer.  They will just scan them.

You can’t use the rewards from the last visit on the same deal at the next visit. It will say not valid on P&G products.

You can not buy cigarettes, lottery tickets, liquor, stamps, dairy or gift cards using the rewards. Read the fine print.

They do have an expiration date so keep track of that.

Your purchase must be greater than the reward total your using to pay with.

You can spend several rewards if you divide your order into several smaller orders on one visit.

Try to only use your rewards on sale items you have coupons for to keep the savings going.

Anyone else have any other ideas that they use at Walgreen’s?  The new flyer comes out tomorrow. I’ll be dreaming of all the new deals for next week. Sweet Dreams of Savings to all!  Natalie

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