Welcome July-Where Did The Year Go

Welcome July

Wow!  Half the year is over already and I still have so much I want to do. It seems like only yesterday I was messing with all the tax papers to send to the accountant.  Looking back I thought I would have made more progress than I have. 

When my friend cross country asked if I would like to start an accountability group I said sure. Can two people be a group?  OK maybe we are an accountability pair. Any how she is by far the leader, she knows how to get things done so I should learn a lot.  And if she wants me to kick her in the butt sometimes who am I not to help a friend out.

So we started with goal setting.  I chose headings of: Health, Relationships, Finance, Business and Life.  Then I did Long Term Goals: July, 1 Year, 2 Year and 5 Year.  My husband should be happy, I have him fully retired in 5 years.  That would be 10 years early of the customary 65 retirement age.  Now a days 65 is young with the lost of so manys retirement savings, us included. In 5 years all three kids should be out of college and on their own. Another happy occasion to look forward to, Oh I forgot about wedding expenses. In 5 years I plan to have more than enough money coming in to cover all our needs.

My friend gave me an article to read to get the ball rolling and it had some very good points in it.  The article was written by Dr. John C. Maxwell. One statement that really hit home was and I quote “You can’t achieve everything.  You have to decide what is most important and focus on that.” 

I like to think that I have focus, it’s just in wide-screen.  I think of it as looking at the big picture. I tend to jump from one shinny item to the next. I love having choices and being able to choose them all, one at a time. I do believe that they are all leading to the same single goal  or focus of making me money. I think of them as my education, to get me one step closer to my goal.  I think I believe if I ever found that one special, super, fantastic thing that brought in all the money I ever needed I would stick with it and only it.  Until that time I’ll continue to try many options and build Multiple streams of income. 

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