When Is Earth Day 2008? Today April 22nd

Go Green on Earth Day!                 

No, I didn’t plan it but today I’m wearing green. In my in box this morning I found a Great Earth Day gift from David Bach, you know the author of all those Finish Rich books? I’ll tell you about that a little later.

Saving the Earth is part of my total savings plan and Christmas was the beginning of our light bulb switch over.  My husband bought me a large multi pack of compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) from Sams Club and I, not knowing bought him 2 large multi packs of the CFL spot light bulbs.  Exciting I know. We installed them after the first of the year but still needed more. 

 Our home is nestled in the woods and that makes it rather dark even during the day so we have the lights on a lot. This week on my trip to Sams I picked up two more packs of CFL spot light bulbs and my husband installed them on Sunday.  Now I’m happy to report that we have installed 11 spot and 11 regular CFL bulbs in the house. We still have the garage and some outdoor lighting to do.  **Savings Alert** We will not only be saving the Planet but allso money on our electric bill.

That’s my big contribution to Earth Day today. Now for the free gift from David Bach.  David is offering his latest book Go Green, Live Rich for FREE today only by download at the Sony’s ebook store located here. http://ebookstore.sony.com/downloadclient.html

The download is for the Sony Kindle or they have an ebook library download for your computer. ***Savings Alert***You purchase it and check out but it’s FREE. I did it and have started to read it on my computer.  If you rather have a paper copy David is offering some great bonuses right now if you buy his book. http://www.greengreen.com/You will be seeing a lot of David as he starts to promote his New Book.

Happy Earth Day to you all.  Now go out an do something to save our planet!

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